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Shire Hearing Centre Kirrawee provides a range of Hearing Test and Hearing Evaluation services.  We also provide advice and supply of the latest in Hearing Aids and Assistive Listening Devices for the hearing impaired.

The Centre offers a friendly and professional service, is a family owned, independent business having lived in the Shire for almost 50 years. We are committed to making sure that you get a great service so we choose the best from all the major hearing aid companies. With a great selection of products for you to choose from we are sure we can offer you the right solution for your hearing needs.

About Shire Hearing Centre Kirrawee

At Shire Hearing Centres we are a team of dedicated hearing specialists. Our one true passion is to restore and improve the quality of life for all of our patients and we do this through our range of services such as:

• Children’s Hearing Tests

• Adults Hearing Tests

• Seniors Hearing Tests

Why Choose Us

Always remember …………choose a hearing service provider who suits YOUR needs.

Make sure that you are aware of the provider’s credentials. Most hearing service providers who have a federal government contract for pensioners and veterans must ALWAYS comply with a very high set of standards and must be a member of an approved professional body. Always ask if the provider has a federal hearing contract with the Office of Hearing Services.

Choose someone who you feel comfortable talking to. If you have a permanent hearing loss you will need to see your clinician many times over your lifetime. When it comes to choosing new hearing aids, your clinician will be better able to help you if they understand what your lifestyle is like, and what you want from a hearing aid.

A lot of success in hearing aid fittings is the aftercare. What rehabilitation plans do they have in place to help and support you through your hearing healthcare journey?

Consider exactly what your hearing needs are. Be specific. This will influence your choice of what hearing aid features you need.

Consider repair and reliability issues. Are technicians available close to you?

Do they offer a “trial Period” and if so how long for?

Is there a warranty period? Always ask about this in detail.

Always make sure that when you have walked away from your initial appointment, were all you questions answered? If not have they given you opportunities to always go back and ask?

Our Professionals

Rachel Gorman – Co-Director and Owner

Rachel is our main Clinician at Shire Hearing Centres and is extremely passionate about rehabilitating the hearing impaired. She has had over 10 years experience in the industry and in 2008 decided that to rehabilitate the hearing impaired, the way she felt was the best possible way was to start her own Hearing Centre. She has a nurturing and friendly approach to not only just fitting devices, but to helping and encouraging her clients along the journey, for a complete life changing experience into entering the hearing world again.

Glenn Gorman is our other Clinician at Shire Hearing Centres and again is passionate about helping the hearing impaired along with his wife Rachel. He is a familiar face in the Shire; having grown up and lived here all his life. He has been in the hearing industry for over 8 years where he has gained invaluable experience when it comes to helping the hearing impaired. His friendly manner and good sense of humour will help to make you feel at ease when entering your hearing healthcare journey.





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