Child & Adolescent Health Centre


We provide vaccinations through a doctor: nurse team making the process quick and professional. Babies / toddlers are weighed and (appropriate remove this word) age-appropriate health checks are done. As a Quality Accredited Practice, we have a temperature controlled fridge to ensure our vaccinations meet the manufacturer’s guidelines for cold storage.


Dietary advice

Our on-site dietitian Katrina can provide general nutritional advice


Sport injuries

With two orthopedic surgeons, Dr Hamish Rae and Dr Razvan Stoita,and a chiropractor (Fleur Castlereagh) on site, we provide a comprehensive solution to sports injuries.


Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists work together with the general practitioners and allied health staff to provide a comprehensive service.


Mental Health

Our on-site psychologist, Fiona Calvert, can help with any special needs your children have including management of behavioural issues, bullying, domestic violence, depression, stress and anxiety management.


Speech Therapy

Emma Ho and Rachel Lee complete our team offering a wide range of speech therapy services.





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