Occupational Therapy

Jacky Peile
Jacky Peile graduated from The University of Sydney with a B.App.Sci(Occupational Therapy) including a Dean's Award for Excellence in Clinical Practice. Her experience since graduating has been 5 year (part-time) in acute care & rehabilitation at St George Hospital and for the past 6 years (part-time) as the Clinical Leader and Owner of Early Links.

Jacky has a clear passion for continuing interdisciplinary education, and she currently holds additional qualifications in Cert4 Massage Therapy; NCAS Level 2 coaching certificate in Rowing; and various intervention methods/techniques -

* Therapeutic Listening - Modulated and Quickshift

* Soft tissue release

* Trauma based Self-regulation

* Willbargar Protocol for anxiety and sensory defensiveness

* SOS Approach to fussy eating

* Static Splinting for the hand

* Functional Neurology for vestibular integration


Currently, Jacky's preferred areas of practice include:

* Supporting early development for babies & new parent

* Working with complex behaviors in children

* Recovery from Trauma using sensory regulation
* Advancing performance with athletes following injury





Brooke Chapman
Brooke graduated from the University of Western Sydney with a B.App.Sci(Occupational Therapy) prior to entering private practice in 2011. She has extensive experience working with people across their lifespan including people with traumatic and acquired brain injuries in various settings including in/out patient rehabilitation and home based therapy-along with other clinical areas including, aged care, oncology and paediatrics.

She has developed a passion for neuro-rehabilitation in particular, cognitive retraining across the lifespan and has developed proficient skills in functional and cognitive retraining, complex wheelchair and seating recommendation and equipment prescribing.
Throughout her time as a clinician she has had extensive experience working with LifeTime Care and Support (LTCS), and other stakeholders as a patient advocate as well as working with LTCS on various working parties to develop service provision. This included the setup of group homes and carer training for young people moving into supportive accommodation


Brooke's preferred areas of practice include -

* Screenings and support for school readiness

• Improving handwriting difficulties

• Building coordination for skills in fine and gross motor

• Hand therapy – including splint fabrication

• Dementia care – supporting independent living in the home environment.

• Aging and adult functional assessment and rehabilitation

• Basic and Complex equipment recommendations and prescription

• Supported care for people during palliative care in their home.




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