Women's Health Centre

With general practitioners on staff, we can meet all your needs in a confidential, empathic way, from teenage years, through the menopause and beyond


• Implanon insertion and removal

• General advice

Periodic Health Checks

• PAP smears

• Breast screening

Sexual health and menstrual irregularities

Pregnancy Support

• Pregnancy Planning

• Shared Ante Natal Care during your pregnancy - our GPs have undergone the necessary training and are accredited to be part of the Sutherland Hospital and

  St. George Hospital Shared Care Programs

• After Pregnancy (Post Natal) Care

Stress Anxiety and Depression

We have a psychologist, Fiona Calvert who works together with our GPs to provide a team approach to your mental health issues.  All our GPs have undergone mental health training and are able to develop Mental Health Care Plans to ensure maximal Medicare funding is available for your counselling consultations


Osteoporosis screening and treatment




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